About Mighty Mites Awards

In the summer of 1969 Sam I Donatucci, a teacher, coach, and sports enthusiast, was looking for a way to supplement his income when he recognized a growing demand for awards and trophies in his community. With this in mind, Sam, his wife Virginia, and three children; Kathy, Mike, and Sam Jr., began manufacturing trophies and awards in their home’s garage.

In 1980 Sam’s son, Sam Donatucci Jr. (now Sr.), graduated college and they moved the operation to its first location in Park Ridge, Ill. Sam became the first full-time employee and Mighty Mites Awards Incorporated was established. As Mighty Mites continued to expand Sam Sr. was able to retire from teaching and work alongside his son in 1983. These years also saw the hiring of a full time graphic designer, engraver, and silk screener.

Mighty Mite’s continued to grow into a major competitive awards company and this growth created a need for space, so, in 1984 Mighty Mites relocated to its current location in Des Plaines, Ill. The larger space allowed for Mighty Mites to add custom clothing, specialty screening, and increased engraving capabilities.

Built on a foundation of customer service, family values, and quality work, Mighty Mites Awards Inc. became the largest retailer of awards in the Chicagoland area in 1990. In 1995 Mighty Mites expanded into computer-aided engraving and, more importantly, the promotional products industry. Mighty Mites Awards Inc. continues to grow its business based on the same values established in 1969 while adapting and evolving with customers’ needs.